What I do to help people who ask for advice on their pitch,

 or send me their pitch deck for feedback

I would love to help everyone that asks me. However, these days I get 2-3 requests every day (especially via LinkedIn)

I am usually booked around three months in advance and my time during the day is spent on training and coaching. I regularly prepare for the next workshop on the train home, or in the evening after my young kids have gone to bed.

My mission is to help over one million people shine in pitches, and become confident and sure of their story. That’s why I focus on delivering workshops for larger groups, and on creating content for many to improve their story, instead of helping individuals one-by-one. This way, I can give more people a voice.

As a result, any spare time is spent on creating online courses, writing books, and working on my Startup, Pitchy (more about that publicly very soon…)

What I do to help

To help individual startups, I have created an online academy, where I have begun translating everything I’ve learned about pitching for resources and investment into a set of online courses. Check out the tools here.