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Great Presentation Tools and Alternatives to Keynote and PowerPoint

These tools will help you turn your presentations into professional persuasion sessions.
So you’ve got PowerPoint or Keynote preloaded on your machine: but making great presentations takes so much more these days […]

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TEDx Amsterdam 2014 Top 5 Talks

After coaching 5 speakers to prepare for TEDx Amsterdam recently, I was lucky enough to be present on the day itself. Here are my personal Top 5 talks of this amazing event.  […]

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Turning ideas into movements

Idea Camp
I was recently intrigued to be asked by the European Cultural Foundation.to coach at an event called Idea Camp.

What a fascinating concept. Not a Startup or Business Bootcamp, as I am used to when […]

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Prepare creatively for a fascinating presentation

Tune In, Switch off, Prepare.
How do most people prepare for a presentation? Usually by firing up PowerPoint (or Keynote, or Prezi…) and working on

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Calm Presentation Nerves

Believe it or not, presentation nerves come from our prehistoric history.
Have you ever stood up in front of an audience, about to give a presentation, and forgotten everything you […]

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Three Presentation Secrets of Startups

What’s it like to pitch for millions of Euros investment? And which tools do you use to convince investors of your business?
Startups are leading the way in […]

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Why are so many presentations so bad?

I’ve seen more than 1 million PowerPoint slides and over 5,000 hours of presentations during the last 20 years. At least 90% have been terrible.
How can that be? […]

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Your look influences how they listen

Quick Presentation Tips: Every impression counts. 
Whether you intend it or not, people will make decisions about you based on how you look and the you present yourself.

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The Power Of Three

Become Memorable: Present in Threes.
Choose three main points, no matter how long your presenting slot is. If you’re there to talk about a weighty subject, break each of your key three issues into […]

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